NCo Factory

Size: L-XXL

Investment: Calculated depending on the size of the project and individual needs
Construction volume: Min. 20 houses per day

For large building enterprises, housing developments and other large-scale projects, we offer clients the opportunity to erect their own NCo plant to allow direct, on-site production and control. Different-sized factories can be selected according to individual project demands in order to arrive at an optimum solution.

The respective investment is adapted precisely to the size of the project and the individual needs of our customers so that we can offer a tailored and complete solution.

Our range of experts will be present for customers in order to advise and inform them in the process of ascertaining their individual requirements, and to provide specific performance analyses.

Our NCo Factory questionnaire [see download] may be used to estimate individual requirements.

It is important to us that our technology should be available to be used by everyone, so that the benefits of NCo CLC can be experienced the world over.

It is for this reason that we have developed a range of financing packages so that all manner of project sizes, budgets and requirements can be catered for.