NovoCorpus Sample Material Calculation

Rough calculation of material requirements on the basis of an average quantity estimation for sand, cement and water. (This can be different for every country or region)

The basis of the calculation is a single-storey, single-family dwelling with simple design “Low Cost House” and a gross floor area of approx. 80 m² (floor plan enclosed). Estimated wall thickness is 10 cm for a ceiling height of 2,60 m.

  • All the external walls in this example - taking into consideration the apertures for doors and windows – together equate to approx. 10 m³. Calculations have been done on this basis.
  • The following requirements and corresponding quantities have been calculated:
    Materials Quantity 20m³ (approx.)
    Sand 19 t
    Cement 7.6 t
    Water 6.600 ltrs.
    Foam Concentrate 14 kg
    Reinforcement + Fiber 20 kg

    The calculation is based on a project in Panama

    We will be happy to provide you with an individual calculation for your project, upon demand.

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