NCo Minimum Investment

Size: XS-S

Investment: From 50,000 (€)
Construction volume: Min. 1 house per day

Our NCo Minimum Investment packages acts as a starter kit offering a great opportunity to handle smaller projects and gather first impressions and experiences of NCo CLC technology. Here, we offer the option of purchasing wall formworks or block formworks (plus a small licence fee) in order to guarantee a fast start to the building process [see download]. An investment of 50,000 euros (€) or more will already allow a construction rate of one house per day.

It is important to us that our technology should be available to be used by everyone, so that the benefits of NCo CLC can be experienced the world over.

It is for this reason that we have developed a range of financing packages so that all manner of project sizes, budgets and requirements can be catered for.