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Revolutionary NCo CLC technology provides multiple advantages over conventional structural engineering technology. The most important advantages and improvements are outlined below:

Unparalleled insulation quality

The unparalleled quality of the walls and ceilings put up using NCo CLC results in a significant improvement in insulation. NCo CLC walls offer 500% higher insulation levels than conventional concrete.

Great savings in heating and cooling costs can therefore be made using NCo CLC, and this provides an essential contribution to environmental protection.

High security and a wide range of options

Buildings that use our NCo CLC additive are conferred a variety of special properties making them impervious to all weathers and temperatures, and also less susceptible to damage. NCo CLC buildings demonstrate an above-average level of fire and earthquake protection. Such product properties allow us to construct high-quality buildings able to withstand any climate or extreme environment, even in crisis-hit areas. The conditions of our now 25 year-old projects speak for themselves, demonstrating the long-term value of an NCo CLC building.

Highly-efficient noise protection

NCo CLC buildings have above-average sound-insulation and excellent footfall sound protection which allows a high degree of user comfort to be achieved, with additional cost-intensive insulation measures being spared.

Significant time savings

The production of NCo CLC blocks and CLC walls and the erection of NCo CLC buildings provide numerous advantages over conventional structural engineering techniques. A considerable reduction in weight is achieved using NCo CLC hollow blocks, while construction work is simplified and significantly accelerated.

In addition, our NCo Factory Offer which comprises the use of an on-site prefabricated-part factory allows savings of up to 70% in production time and more than 50% in staffing costs. We can therefore also meet a high demand for accommodation units in a short space of time, and quickly provide many people with a new home.

Improved environmental sustainability

In this industrial era, our environment is the most important commodity currently in need of preservation. All of the materials required to construct NCo CLC buildings are biodegradable. During the production process, the concept of eco-friendliness is respected to the highest degree and for the production of NCo CLC blocks we require none of the natural resources such as clay or gravel that have already been vastly exploited by conventional building methods in many countries.

Nature-focussed construction while preserving our raw materials is the most innovative way to create living spaces!